This Father-and-Son shop was steps away from our apartment. We were thrilled to see their 60-90 day dry-aged beef and were promptly escorted into the aging locker to admire the sights and aromas of the various loins and racks from their favorite producers. We also picked up some great tips on dry-aging techniques. Watch out, Seattle!

A stunning selection of cheeses, many of which found their way into our picnic bag!

We couldn't help ourselves here. Fortunately, we logged a good 10 miles of walking in Paris today!

Oops!  More sweets!

Black steel fry pans.  My favorite.



Our final stop in Paris, after picking up our rental car was E. Dehellirin, my favorite cooking supply shop on the planet. This was my first visit in many years, and quality has declined a fair bit, but it remains the best selection of the best quality, no-nonsense, ultra-practical cooking gear in the world. We loaded up on black steel pans, French knives and wicked-heavy, 3 millimeter thick tin-lined copper pans. Yum!  How are we going to get all of this on the airplane???