Redeeming your contribution

Friends & supporters:


Thank you again for your generous support.  If you have purchased a gift card as your contribution to the campaign, you will be receiving it in the mail shortly.  Gift cards are redeemable at any of our farmer's market locations.  If your contribution was for a restaurant dinner or a farm experience dinner, please use this form to select a date.  We have limited staff to answer phone calls, but if you need help please call 206.567.4628.

Thank you again!

xoxo, George, Rose and the Sea Breeze Crew.

Name *
Phone *
Please leave a valid contact number in the event of any questions or changes regarding your reservation.
Please enter the order number you received from your Squarespace email. If you purchased your item on GoFundMe, please enter "GF" in this field
Please only use this option if you purchased a Farm Dinner for two. Farm dinners begin at approximately 6pm and end about 10pm.
Please only use this option if you purchased "Dinner for two at La Boucherie" package. Please note, we will continue to add dates to this list throughout the year. Restaurant seating time is 7pm. You will receive a confirmation email shortly confirming your reservation. Thank You!
All of our dining experiences include full wine pairings. If any members of your party have other preferences or concerns, such as non-alcoholic pairings, please include details here, otherwise, leave it as is. Thanks!