We sell the following products at our farmer's market booths every week of the year.

Grass-pastured and forest-ranged meats:

Beef (year-round)
Lamb (most of the year)
Pork (year-round)
Veal (infrequent)
Chicken (May-December)
Duck (year-round), whole, breasts, legs, necks, wings
Goose (by special order)

Guinea Fowl (occasional)

charcutrie and pantry items

Bacon, ham, ham hocks, smoked sausages, Pâté de Vashon, pork rillettes, duck rillettes, duck liver mousse, chicken liver mousse, terrines, meat & bone broth, poultry stock, demi glace, duck confit, sauce bolognese, mustards, aïoli...

dairy items

Raw, whole cow's milk, Heavy whipping cream, light cream, Vache de Vashon (Tomme de Vashon-cow's milk cheese aged 5 months).

wine from our winery, sweetbread cellars

2006 Brisage (bordeaux style blend), 2007 Syrah