success!  1 January, 2015

With the amazing outpouring of support from our customers and community, we have succeeded in our campaign to "Save the Farm"!   in 12 short days, we were able to raise a staggering $90,000.  Based on this incredible result, a generous supporter stepped in to close the final funding gap, allowing us to complete the transaction.  This angel investment would not have happened without the tremendous contribution of you all.  We are filled with gratitude, humility and awe.  Thank you all again, and we look forward to serving you as we fulfill your orders for the Restaurant, Farm Experience Dinners and Farmer's Market products.  


xoxo, George & Rose

For info on redeeming your purchase of a restaurant, farm dinner or gift card contribution please click here.

UPDATE:  12/26

Thank you all for your amazing, generous and continued support!  With barely a week into our campaign, we have received an incredible show of solidarity and support from our community.  We are at nearly 50% of our goal and approaching the $70,000 mark!  We are so grateful and humbled, and with another week to go we are confident that we will prevail in closing the transaction and preventing the loss of this critical farmland.  Please continue to spread the word as we approach our deadline of December 31st.  Thank you all again, and we look forward to seeing you at the markets and on the farm in the new year!!  xoxo,  George & Rose

UPDATE 12/23.  Friends & Family:

As many of you know, we launched a campaign 3 days ago to raise the funds necessary to complete the purchase of a critical 6 acre portion of our farmland which is in danger of being lost.  In those 3 short days, we are already approaching the $50,000 mark, leaving us with just over $100,000 remaining!  Thank you all for your incredible and generous support!  With 10 days to go, we are feeling optimistic and confident that with your continued support, we will be successful in our campaign to keep our farm intact.  The level of involvement and interest has been unbelievable.  It's an amazing feeling to be a part of such a supportive community that is so passionate and dedicated to sustainable food and agriculture.  As many of you have asked for further details and clarification of the situation surrounding the farm property, we've added  brief answers to some common questions below:

Why has this situation arisen so suddenly with such a short deadline?

The truth is, we have been working hard and paying on the purchase of this pasture for a long time, and as the deadline for the final payment approached, it became clear that our other lending instruments were unable to meet it and we needed a quicker solution.  Hence this campaign to raise the necessary funds by pre-selling our fantastic farm products and dining experiences to our thriving customer base.  The results have been astounding and humbling.

Why should we "donate" to your purchase of property?

We are not asking for "donations" per se, (although we welcome them gladly!), rather, we are "pre-selling" to you the fabulous products and experiences that you already know and love.  We feel this is the most appropriate, responsible and rapid means to meet this funding deficit.  We are not asking for charity.  We will be working harder than ever in the coming year to fulfill these orders and continue to meet the incredible demand,  delivering to you the amazing meats, dairy, eggs and farm dinners that we have been providing the Puget Sound region for 16 years.  The beauty of this crowd-funding approach is that we recognize that we can't (and don't need) to do everything on our own.  It's a humbling and gratifying feeling to realize that we can partner with the very folks whom most benefit from our efforts, and with whom we possess such a rich and rewarding connectedness and community both at market and at table.  Thank you all again for your continued support, and we look forward to celebrating our success with you in the New Year!


Dinner for two at La Boucherie.

Enjoy a six-course dinner for 2 with wine pairings at our charming restaurant in the village of Vashon.

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Farm Experience Dinner for two

Enjoy a farm experience dinner for two in our 1920s farmhouse.  Walk the farm, milk the cows, tour the cheese & wine cellar, dine on 8 gorgeous courses  with wine pairings at our farm table with fellow foodies.

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Farm Investor Package

Host two, separate, private farm dinner events for up to 16 participants each.  Each event includes a farm luncheon, farm tour, farm activities, 9 course farm dinner with wine, and farm product gift bags for each diner.  In addition, the Farm Investor Package provides two private, intimate dinners for two hosted and prepared by George & Rose, either at the farmhouse or a location of your choice!  Call us at 206.567.4628 with any questions.

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Use this option if you would like to contribute a cash donation to our cause without receiving a product or service in return.  We thank you for your generous support in advance!

Cash donation
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Please Note:  The gift card items below will have tax added to them.  This is not intentional, and we don't have a solution at the moment.  In order to correct this anomaly, the gift cards will be issued in the amount indicated, PLUS tax.  i.e., if you purchase a $100 card, you will be charged $100 plus $8.60 tax and we will issue a card with a balance of $108.60.  IF you use the card to purchase any taxable items from us, such as wine or restaurant (food is not taxable in WA state), the tax will be added to that specific purchase at time of sale.  Sorry for any confusion!

Supporter gift card

Receive $100 gift card for our amazing farm-fresh products at our farmer's market locations in Seattle.

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Partner gift card

Receive $500 gift card for our amazing farm-fresh products at our farmer's market locations in Seattle.

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Platinum Partner gift card

Receive $1000 gift card for our amazing farm-fresh products at our farmer's market locations in Seattle.

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Private Farm Dinner Party for 10

Private farm dinner and activities for up to 10 diners. Includes $100 gift bag of farm products for each person.  Call us at 206.567.4628 with any questions.

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Private Farm Experience Dinner Party for 20

Host a private Farm Experience event for 20 people.  Enjoy a farm luncheon, farm tour, special farm activities such as cheese making, a full 9 course farm dinner with wine and a gift bag of farm product for each participant.   Call us at 206.567.4628 with any questions.

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Corporate Farm Day Event

Host your next corporate offsite retreat at Sea Breeze Farm on Vashon Island. A lovely 15 minute ferry ride from West Seattle, the farm offers gorgeous mountain, sound and farm views.  Bring your team for the day to enjoy a farm breakfast, farm lunch, farm tour & activities, and finish the day with a 9 course farm feast & wine.  Each participant will leave with a gift bag of farm products.  Amenities for meeting facilities available as well.  Limited to a maximum of 20 participants.  Call us at 206.567.4628 with any questions.

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