2020 will be my 20th year selling at Farmer’s Markets. Much of the inspiration for the quality and style of our product has come from my many travels to France and Europe over the past 35 years. A longstanding dream of mine has been to create a “Camion Boucherie”, or mobile meat market as is commonly seen at European farmer’s markets. 2019 marks the year when that dream finally becomes reality. In February of 2018, Rose, Roman and I travelled to Panissieres France, about an hour west of Lyon to the Euromag factory, nestled in the mountains of the Eastern Loire. We spent two days touring the factory, discussing designs and ultimately drafting design drawings for our first Camion Boucherie! In March of 2019, Euromag began construction of our unit, and in early April 2019, Rose, Roman, Adela and I travelled once again to Lyon and Panissieres to view the progress and make our final design decisions. Enjoy the photos of our travels.

xoxo, George, Rose, Adela & Roman Page—The Sea Breeze Farm family.